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    Chief Taco Officer, Kate Munoz, holding two tacos.

    Meet Your CTO


    We've tallied the votes. Or at least had a computer do that for us and the people have spoken. Kate is your new CTO. She's cool. She's hip. And most importantly, she eats tacos for days, literally. And starting June 1, she's going to be screaming tacos from the rooftops for our 10-day Taco Tour.

    Check out the cities below to see where we'll be slingin' tacos next.

    Taco Tour

    6/1 Atlanta, GA

    6/1 Athens, GA

    6/2 Columbia, SC

    6/2 Durham, NC
    (Durham Bulls Game)

    6/3 Greensboro, NC

    6/3 Roanoke, VA

    6/4 Richmond, VA

    6/6 Washington, DC

    6/6 Baltimore, MD

    6/7 Philadelphia, PA

    6/8 Pittsburgh, PA

    6/9 Cleveland, OH

    And don't forget to check out Moe's twitter for all the info on where and when to find us in your city.

    3 Amigos Tacos - Reserved for Chief Taco Officer
    Be in the know
    Be one of the first to try our new tacos. 'Cause if you're not first,'re at least second. 
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