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    Do you have what it takes to be our first Chief Taco Officer?

    Moe's Southwest Grill offers the gig of a lifetime.

    Do you have charisma? Tortilla magnetism? Or just really really love tacos? Then this might be for you.

    We're looking for a Chief Taco Officer (CTO) to embark on an epic 2-week all-expenses paid Taco Tour, slingin' Three Amigos to the masses. Other perks include:

    • All the tacos you can eat
    • A CTO fun budget of $1,000
    • Tons of free swag
    • Bragging rights
    • Trip to Moe's HQ
    • Moe's social media takeover
    • Kissing babies (This is optional. Let's not get crazy)

    How to get the gig

    Required Skills
    • Must be a taco fanatic (on a scale of 1 to 10, you need to be an 11)
    • Sense of humor, wit, sarcasm and a little irreverence
    • Social media savviness
    • Time and freedom to trek across the U.S. in a food truck for up to two weeks in June 2018
    • At least 18 years old
    • U.S. resident
    • Must be a Rockin' Rewards member

    Official Job Posting

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    Let's do this

    Pick a social platform or all three (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and tell us why you'd be the perfect fit for Moe's Chief Taco Officer with an awesome video, killer haiku, comic book strip or anything else you can think of. But your profile must be public and you’ve gotta use #MoesCTOContest when posting. Rules are rules.

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    3 Amigos Tacos - Reserved for Chief Taco Officer
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    Be one of the first to try our new tacos. 'Cause if you're not first,'re at least second. 
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    Here's what you're up against, so it better be good. And don't forget to use #MoesCTOContest

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