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Trying to keep things light? Or at least low? We've got meals that are lower in calorie but higher in flavor.

Lower Calorie Meals


Fresh salad, grilled steak, pinto beans, cucumbers, black olives, pico, guac, and cilantro and you’ve got yourself a meal that’s lower in calories but not on the down low.


2 Tacos

Not one, but two tacos filled with steak, pickled red onions, corn pico, cucumbers, lettuce, cheese and guac. Seeing double is now a good thing. And a lower calorie thing.



Toss in organic tofu, black beans, corn pico, grilled mushrooms & peppers & onions, cucumbers, lettuce, guac and cilantro. All under 500 calories. See ya later, waist.


We partnered with a nutritionist to make sure our lower calorie dishes are up to snuff and beyond typical standards. But if that isn't enough, check out our nutrition calculator to build your own meal and get a little more familiar with our 20+ fresh ingredients.

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