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    We rock as hard as we roll

    Our Chefs 

    Guided by their knives and an insatiable hunger to bring the heat, our chefs are always slicing, dicing and spicing fresh eats in the kitchen. Both of them bring their own flavor (and brotherly love) to the table, so each creation is a true culinary collaboration.

    Our Chefs

    You don’t really know someone until you read a short bio about them and make them answer a completely random questionnaire.

    Chef Ciaran

    With more than 20 years of professional culinary experience, Ciarán got his start at just eight years old helping his father in their family restaurant. Awwwww. Grounded in French-classic cuisine and dabbling in Asian-fusion street food, Ciarán’s energy and passion for food brings a fresh perspective to the Southwestern cuisine at Moe’s.

    The oldest thing his has in his fridge is champagne; his favorite cereal is Special K with Berries; and his favorite toy as a kid was the Millennium Falcon. The food is strong with this one.  


    Chef Matt

    Also with over 20 years in the restaurant industry, Matt has worked everywhere from BBQ joints to fine dining establishments. But he’s found his calling at Moe’s serving up southwestern fare that he’s not only learned along his chef path, but also from his wife’s Mexican heritage. His favorite cereal as a kid (and probably now) was Fruit Loops with Marshmallows; he’s scared of heights & fleece; and he’s got a penchant for 90s sitcoms. Can you say Closetalker?


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