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  • Why do you shout "Welcome To Moe's!" when a customer enters?
  • We're not trying to scare you or anything. Our signature “Welcome to Moe's” greeting represents our passionate promise to always welcome everyone with open arms and a smile. It's safe to say, this rally cry is infectious, especially among the little ones.
  • Why did my location close?
  • We're truly sorry for the inconvenience. Most of our locations are independently owned and operated by individual franchisees, so the reasons vary by location. We hope that a new location opens in your area soon and that it is even betterererer.
  • Where can I get the latest news from Moe's?
  • Social media, emails and the Moe's app – we like to keep you informed in as many ways as possible.
  • When will there be a Moe's in my area?
  • Hopefully soon. We continue to grow and are always looking for great locations with a rabid fan base. So please share your excitement for Moe's with friends and family around your area. In addition to traditional locations, our brand is gaining momentum in other areas, which is why we are currently working to open restaurants in locations such as airports and universities. Please keep in touch with us on Facebook or chat with us on Twitter – that'll be the first place we would announce a location opening up in your town!
  • Where can I find a Moe's near me?
  • Visit Find A Moe's and enter your City or Zip then hit GO


  • Can I order online?
  • Yes – you can order through the website or through your Moe's app.
  • Can I order for a group?
  • Sure – when you are ordering online, just choose “group order” and an email will be sent to you with a shareable link that you can pass along to your friends, your coworkers, your family, that person you just met, even your boss.
  • Does Moe's deliver?
  • Yeah we do - Moe's delivers through partners - Doordash, Grubhub, Tapingo, and Ubereats, depending on your location. Your Moe's may also deliver from a local service. so you'll need to check with them first.
  • How long does it take if I order delivery?
  • Each delivery partner is responsible for delivering your order within a reasonable amount of time based on their guidelines. But know that we'll deliver your order to you as quick as we possibly can, while also trying not to speed. Getting pulled over would definitely slow us down.
  • What if my delivery order is inaccurate?
  • Hopefully that doesn't happen. But our delivery partners take full ownership for ensuring your order is correct. We check every order as if you walked into our restaurant and got something. If your order happens to be inaccurate, please contact the store or delivery partner directly and we'll make it right.


  • Are chips and salsa free with catering orders?
  • You know it. Free chips and salsa come with every order. House rules.
  • What is the difference between the fajita bar and the taco bar?
  • Basically, the fajita bar is the souped-up version of the taco bar. Not only are the portions bigger, but the fajita bar also includes grilled onions and peppers, rice and our handmade guacamole.
  • Does Moe's deliver?
  • Yes! Delivery and set up may be available upon request.
  • What if my guest have dietary restrictions?
  • No worries. All of our bars are set up so each guest can customize his or her meal, which is why our catering is so popular among vegetarians, protein lovers and those trying to minimize their gluten intake.
  • Do I need to get my own plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery?
  • Nope. We bring everything to the table, including peace of mind.
  • How do I make an online catering order?
  • To order catering online, find a location near you then hit "Order Catering".
  • Where can I find catering prices online?
  • Please contact your local Moe's to discuss catering pricing and details. Since each Moe's is individually owned and operated, prices may vary from location to location. If you visit, you can find the Moe's closest to you. Just click the location title to see if there is a separate phone number for catering orders. If you would like to find out more about our catering, please go to


  • I would like to join the Moe's team in my neighborhood. Where can I apply?
  • If you rock as much as we roll, please apply online for your local Moe's. Then cross your fingers, grab your lucky rabbit’s foot or do whatever you do for good luck.


  • Where can I buy a Moe's gift card?
  • You can easily purchase both physical cards sent by mail or eGift Cards sent via email here. Gift cards are also available for purchase at most Moe’s restaurant locations.
  • Where can I get Moe's coupons?
  • If you sign up for Moe Rewards through the Moe's App, you'll get special offers and coupons. In fact, you'll receive a coupon for a free cup of Moe's Famous Queso right out of the gate and you'll also get a free burrito coupon each year on the best day of the year (your birthday). Pretty awesome, right?
    *You must sign up for Moe's Rewards Program a month in advance to receive the birthday burrito offer in the same year.


  • I am a vegetarian/vegan. What are my menu options at Moe's?
  • Do you like your tofu medium-rare or well done? Just kidding, but our commitment to vegetarians and vegans is no joke. We use only soybean oil and vegetable stock. Our organic tofu, beans, tortillas, and rice are all vegan. Also, there is no gelatin in the guacamole.
  • Why are your corn chips and taco shells listed as containing gluten?
  • There is no gluten in our corn chips or corn tortillas. However, we do fry our chips and taco shells in-house. We also use the same fryer for our salad bowl, which is a fried flour tortilla (contains wheat gluten). Since they are being fried in the same oil, we have to list those items as containing gluten, due to cross-contamination in the fryer. Got it?
  • What items on your menu contain GMOs?
  • Unfortunately, at this time we cannot guarantee that our ingredients are GMO-free. While we would like to offer only offer GMO-free ingredients, the quantities that we require aren’t yet available from non-GMO sources. Hopefully that’ll change one day soon.
  • Is your cheese pasteurized?
  • Our Famous Queso, shredded cheese and sour cream are all made with pasteurized milk. Mooooo pasteurized.
  • Does your food contain MSG?
  • No, no, no. Not to mention, no.
  • Where can I find allergen information?
  • We list it online here: you are able to filter our ingredients based on allergen sensitivity.
  • Where can I buy Moe's Marinated Meats?
  • They are available at Walmart.


  • How can I start a franchise?
  • You can learn more about starting a franchise by visiting our franchise site -


  • What is the Moe Rewards program?
  • Moe Rewards is the coolest rewards program around. You earn 1 reward point for every $1 you spend. After you get 100 points, we’ll give you $10 back for your next purchase. Plus you get access to rewards and the latest product news. You can sign up online or by downloading the app.
  • Do I need a Moe Rewards account to participate in the Moe Rewards program?
  • Yes, you need to sign up online or by downloading the app and registering for the Moe Rewards program.
  • Do I have to join Moe Rewards to order through the app?
  • No, you don’t. You can still order through our app without registering for Moe Rewards. But why wouldn’t you?
  • Will you share the information in my Moe Rewards account?
  • No, we won't share your information.
  • What type of phone do I need to use the app?
  • The Moe's app is available on iOS and Android. You can find the app in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • How do I refer a friend? And what do I get if they join?
  • Share your invite code by selecting "Invite Friends" in the slide menu. They'll get 5 points when they sign up, and you'll get 10 points when they scan their first visit.
  • Who do I contact with any questions or issues?
  • In the app visit the 'Need Help?' section under the slide menu. This will bring up a blank email to send to us. Or you can send your comments our way and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Can I redeem my points for cash?
  • No, points and rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • How do I enroll in the Moe Rewards program?
  • Enroll online or download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and register for Moe Rewards.
  • Can anyone enroll in the Moe Rewards program?
  • Yes, if you're over the age of 13 you can be a member of the Moe Rewards program.
  • Is there a fee for enrolling in the Moe Rewards program?
  • Nope, this program is free.
  • What do I do if I forget my username and/or password?
  • On the login screen click the 'Forgot Password' link and we'll help you out.
  • How do I earn rewards?
  • When you buy something you'll get rewarded. Select the Earn button and either scan the QR code at the register or scan the barcode within 3 days of purchase at the bottom of your receipt. You'll receive 1 point for every $1 you spend. Once you hit 100 points, you'll receive a $10 reward.
  • Can eligible purchases that I made before registering for Moe Rewards be applied to my account retroactively?
  • Unfortunately, they cannot.
  • How do I earn a free meal?
  • You'll get 1 point for every $1 you spend. Once you hit 100 points you'll receive a $10 reward.
  • What do I do if I am unable to scan my barcode?
  • Send us an email via the 'Need Help?' section in the app. We'll get you taken care of on the back end. Or just send your comments our way and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Can I share my rewards with my family?
  • If your family shares one phone, then yes you can share rewards, but you cannot transfer points or rewards between accounts.
  • Can accounts be combined?
  • No, accounts cannot be combined.
  • Can I scan someone else's barcode to earn points?
  • You can only earn points for purchases you have made. Make sure to tell your friends how great the app is so they can start earning points. Send them your invite code and you'll score 10 points the first time they scan to earn. They’ll score 5 bonus points.
  • Can I earn points on the purchase of gift cards?
  • No, you cannot earn points when you purchase a gift card, but you can earn points when you use a gift card as a form of payment.
  • Can I earn points on the purchase of a catering?
  • Sadly, at this time you cannot earn points on the purchase of a catering. We're working on that program, so keep an eye out.
  • How do I redeem offers?
  • If you’re redeeming in store, just tap into the rewards section of the app, find the reward you want to redeem and tap “redeem in store.” A QR code will display for you to scan to redeem the reward. If you’re ordering through the app, simply apply the reward you want to redeem in your basket during checkout. If you’re redeeming through the website, make sure you’re logged into your account and apply the reward to your basket. (Note: you won’t see the discount applied until you click ‘Proceed to Check out.’
  • Do I have to use all my rewards at once?
  • Nope, you can use banked rewards (not offers) however you see fit. But remember, banked rewards cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Do my rewards ever expire?
  • Yes, you have 12 months to use your banked rewards before they go away.
  • What if my purchase doesn’t use all my reward?
  • That's okay. Banked rewards will stick around for 12 months, so if you want to use $2 today and $2 tomorrow that is A-OK.
  • Can I receive cash back with Moe Rewards?
  • Nope.
  • Can I use a Moe Rewards coupon together with another coupon?
  • No, coupons cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Do I earn points for my online/order ahead purchases?
  • If you order through the Moe’s app and are a registered Moe Rewards member, you will earn points for your order ahead purchase. You can also earn points when ordering on a desktop. Just make sure you remember to login.
  • Can I use banked rewards with my online/order ahead purchase?
  • Yes, if you have enough rewards banked you can apply these to your order ahead purchase.
  • Can I redeem offers with my online/order ahead purchase?
  • Yes, just make sure you hit "redeem" in the Moe's app before you enter your purchase information. If ordering through desktop, make sure you log into your Moe Rewards account.
  • Is the Moe's app secure?
  • Yes. We take security and privacy very seriously. We never sell or release your information and we never see or share your passwords.
  • Why do I need to sign up with Facebook?
  • You don't have to sign up with Facebook, but if you do you'll score 5 bonus points.
  • What information do you access from my Facebook profile? Do you post to my wall?
  • We will access your general information and the email address associated with your Facebook profile. When you leave feedback in the app you can elect to post this on your Facebook wall.
  • Why does Moe's require my location?
  • We use your favorite location so we can send you sweet deals and offers where you live.
  • How do referrals work?
  • Share your invite code with friends by selecting ‘Rewards’ in the slide menu and scrolling down to the “Refer a Friend” button. You're friends will get 5 points when they sign up, and you'll get 10 points when they scan their first visit.
  • How do referrals work with Moe Rewards, if I don't log into Facebook?
  • You've still got an invite code that you can share with friends. You'll just send them the code via text message.
  • This app sounds amazing, but I don’t' have a smartphone…can I still get rewarded?
  • Of course you can, but only at locations with phone number look-up. First visit to set up an account. When you go into the restaurant ask the cashier if they have phone number look-up with Moe Rewards. If they do then the location can award you points via the point of sale system. You will also be able to redeem rewards through this same process.
  • What if my purchase doesn’t use all of my banked rewards?
  • That's okay. Banked rewards will stick around for 12 months, so if you want to use $2 today and $2 tomorrow that is A-OK.


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