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    We rock as hard as we roll

    Food that you can feel great about

    We may not preach like the others, but we do serve honestly good food that's fresh, flavorful and made just for you. With more than 20 fresh ingredients, like all-natural adobo chicken, grass-fed steak, organic tofu and handcrafted guac, we give you the freedom to create exactly what you're craving. And it's not just about the finished product. It's all the prep that goes into it.

    We chop about 34 pounds of tomatoes every day in every Moe’s for our fresh pico and salsas.  

    Every hour, we cook all-natural proteins on the grill. And every day, our seasonal salsas and pico de gallo are freshly made in house. Speaking of which, did you know, we chop nearly 34 pounds of tomatoes in the back every morning. So whether you're creating an awesome burrito, bowl or a quesadilla, we promise you it's going to be fresh and awesome.  After all, you can't spell awesome without Moe's. Seriously, try it.

    As you can tell, we’re always focused on serving the highest-quality ingredients and giving the best possible option:

      We offer organic tofu and serve cheese and sour cream that is free of animal rennet. We also cook our meat and veggies on separate grills.

      Our menu features more than 20 gluten-friendly ingredients.

      To reduce your calorie intake, ditch the tortilla and order a burrito bowl. You can also skip the sour cream, cheese and the tortilla chips.

      We’re doing our part to reduce environmental impact by serving ingredients like grass-fed steak, grain-fed pork, local produce (where our safety and quality standards can be met) and a delicious meat alternative – organic tofu.

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