the Burrito box that rocks

Everyone is different, so a box with their name on it ensures everyone gets exactly what they want. We're personable like that.

burrito box

Sometimes to think outside the box, you’ve got to start inside the box. This grab ‘n go option includes a Moe’s Famous burrito, chips & salsa, and a chocolate chunk cookie. Feed your group safely with a personal meal, that is easy, compact, and not your typical boxed lunch.

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Food Bundle


Looking to blow your guests' minds?

Dips and Salads

Our Famous Queso, handcrafted guac and made in-house salsas might make you want to double-dip.


From fajita bars to taco bars to salad bars, we've got just about any bar you could want. Except gold bars.


End your event with some sweetness — cookies and cinnamon sugar tortilla chips.


You want drinks. We got drinks. Featuring our Moe-Rita with lemon, lime, orange and originality.

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