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    a little refreshment for that beast of a feast

    All this food is makin' you thirsty! Don't worry. We've got you covered for all your liquid refreshment needs. We can't bring you alcohol though. That would be illegal.

    Need that classic porch-drinking beverage without even though you might not be on a porch? Our classic lemonade goes great with all of our food, anecdotes, and mason jars.
    Made with lemon, lime, orange, and originality, our Moe-rita can easily be enjoyed with or without alcohol. But come on, who are we kidding?
    Sweet or unsweetened, we're happy to provide you with some liquid refreshment. Not to be confused with liquid courage.
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    Food Bundle
    Looking to blow your guests' minds?
    Dips and Salads
    Our Famous Queso, handcrafted guac and made in-house salsas might make you want to double-dip.
    Burrito Box
    No one says no to burritos. Grab these boxed burritos for a meal that'll rock your socks.
    Catering Food Bar
    From fajita bars to taco bars to salad bars, we've got just about any bar you could want. Except gold bars.
    End your event with some sweetness — cookies and cinnamon sugar tortilla chips.

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