Meal Kits

includes Queso

Taco Kit

Every night can be taco with our Build Your Own Taco Kit. Feeds 4-6.
includes Queso

Nacho Kit

Our Build Your Own Nacho Kit comes with 2 bowls of queso, name something more fun. Feeds 4-6.
includes Queso

Fajita Kit

Add a little sizzle to your meal at home with our Build Your Own Fajita Kit. Feeds 4-6.


Chips and Salsa

free chips and salsa

Free chips. Free salsa. Every single order.
Ingredient Prep

made in house

Seasonal salsas and pico made in house every single day.
Queso and Chips

moe's famous queso

It's the liquid white gold you've been jonesin' for.

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